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About Us

Our specializations include, but are not limited to the carriage of limestone, stone chips, coal, aggregates, iron ore, steel products (plates, coils, and wires), grains and other bulk cargoes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most qualitative shipping service to our clients in the dry bulk shipping sector, in the most cost-effective and time-saving manner possible.


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SAAN Ship Management offer ship-management services to ship owners. The company is ISM, ISPS and MLC certified

Technical Management
Our 24/7 Technical Management services involve ship budgeting, dockings, maintenance and planning, etc
Commercial Management
SAAN Ship Management and its personnel cooperate with very reputable and experienced ship brokers and operators with many years of market presence.
Operations Management
One of our primary expertis is shipping operations
Crew Management
The crew selection process is highly monitored and scrutinized with the strict object of improving onboard reliability
HSQE Management
SAAN Ship Management stresses the importance of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment in every one of its functional aspects.
Insurance & Claims Management
SAAN Ship Management offers its clients/partners very competitive insurance solutions
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Quality Management, Operations and Chartering Services for Dry Cargo Ships and Bulk Carriers to the principals

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Energy Efficiency
Management Policy

It is often said that time is of the essence however, here at SAAN Ship Management we also firmly believe that energy has equal importance.

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Our Policy

Carrying out our mission always with the utmost regard to the security of all of our employees, colleagues and guests, safety of life at sea.

  • Surveys and Inspections
    Inspections are essential for mitigating losses

    Our team enjoys good professional relationships with various seasoned inspectors around the globe

  • Crew Management
    Assistance with ITF and insurance matters

    The crew selection process is highly monitored and scrutinized with the strict object of improving onboard reliability

  • Ship Management
    The company is ISM, ISPS and MLC certified

    The company’s personnel have great experience in dealing with various Flag States and Classification Societies

  • Social Media Policy
    This policy applies to any reference to SAAN Ship Management

    To elaborate, although the Internet is a very useful tool, it can be used in a harmful way which might damage a colleague’s reputation

Our Blog

News & Articles related to Saan Ship Activities

China and India play a key role in dragging the dry bulk freight market upwards

Even though lately a great deal is spoken about the upsurge in the dry bulk freight market and about its future direction, much is and will be determined by China’s

Demand for Dry bulkers and tankers in the new building and secondhand market increases after recent freight market leap.

The bulk carriers freight market has recently experienced an upward spike and this has been reflected in the increase in the new building and s&p activity for dry bulk carriers

Global Economy Outlook: another recession around the corner?

The Global economy outlook is negative for the near future. It seems that another recession is on the very next bend for the global economy, after the one experienced during

Dry Dockings to reach the High(est) point very soon

The impending 2020 IMO sulphur cap rule’s implementation has already many implications on the shipping market-and specifically the dry dock or ship repair sector. Many a commercial ship will have

The IMO reinforces the digitization of the Shipping Information Exchange Process

The International Maritime Organization (“IMO”) Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (the “FAL Convention”) was adopted in 1965 with the object of effecting a more streamlined logistics information’s exchange

Ship Recycling Market On “Pause Mode”

  The demolition market has been at a near standstill over the past few days, with deals few and far apart, in what signals a slow period. In its latest

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