Lay-up Management

Technical Management
SAAN Ship Management offers a full range of professionally managed and cost effective comprehensive lay-up solutions in one combine package (from layup till reactivation all inclusive) in compliance with the IMO Guideline for layup of ships on the major layup sites worldwide in following mods:
  • hot lay-up (up to 6 months)
  • semi-cold lay-up (6-12 months)
  • cold lay-up (12-24 months)
  • long-term cold lay-up (beyond 24 months)
  • customized lay-up solutions
Our lay-up management service package may include but not limited to:
  • arrangements of lay-up site
  • ship agency services (arrival, departure and crew sign on/off formalities etc.)
  • all formalities for layup up to re-commencing and sailing
  • layup insurance cover’s coordination and arrangements
  • flag state and classification society coordinations and arrangements
  • watchmen services arrangements during layup (duly certified watchman)
  • arrangement of any technical and maintenance requirements during lay-up period
  • re-activation and re-certification when the asset is ready for deployment
  • crew arrangements
We arrange to preserve the ships during layup which ultimately result in reduced re-commissioning time and cost. Should you require any further information, please contact  us.
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